Monday, March 29, 2010


I have just finished hosting my only sibling and his oldest son, aged six on a quick ten day holdiay from Japan.

No blood was drawn and a civilised time was had by all involved. In previous times over family gatherings, harsh words were said, tears rolled and voices were raised. Someone has grown up. Not sure who...

My brother, his bulk and smoking addiction stayed in a hotel for four nights and the rest with his mates at their extensive man lair. I had the privilege of having my blood nephew stay with us for 3 nights.

Finally having someone to match my energy and enthusiasm for all that is fun in this city was fantastic. We did Orana park, Sumner beach, the Gondola and he was allowed to do whatever his six year old mind wanted to. I fell short of joining him in my undies swimming at the beach. The red trike we resurrected for him was a hit. He spun it around Hagley park with gusto reveling in the great outdoors, feeding loaves to the ducks and hanging from the chain rings with his skinny little arms.

He fitted right into our family and really enjoyed the attention without the competition of his two younger brothers. I do hope he remembers this special time...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Forgive me Father...

It has been about three weeks since I last blogged....

Might have something to do with direction....I have none at in the now. I've heard that is good.

Have contacted a life coach, but can't be bothered going to see her. Will take a referral instead of one off the internet. Soon.

Family from Japan have been my major focus currently. Number one brother and nephew in tow have been marvellous company. Orana park, the Gondola, Lyttelton and Sumner have all been visited and revisted in the last week. Meals have been made and washing has been done. No blood has been spilt....yet.

Another week of them and also my baby turning sixteen. Tumultuous times. The now is difficult to live in as you have nothing to look forward to. Will remedy that and book up a storm AsAp.

Have decided to call it a day on the Board at Burnside HS after three years in an attempt to sweep the old life clean and start a new one. It is not natural to have to sit still in a meeting for up to four hours at a time. DVT is setting in.

Much more interesting stuff to follow, not sure what it is yet.