Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspiring Women...

After a week of revelling in the win from the race, I rejoin the real world and am left wondering what to do next now that the previous six week goal has been achieved. Loathed to enter more cycling races I am forced to look at my actual life. See sawing between congratulating myself on my achievements of the past six months and chastising myself for my lack of direction and inability to decipher my point on this earth, I am left in a dazed state.

My answer is to look and listen, play guitar, go to the beach, eat kettles and drink more wine. AKA procrastination.

In line with my aforementioned philosophy of looking and listening, I have been truly inspired by three women this week.

The first being my beautifully bald headed girlfriend Julie. Whilst chatting with her yesterday I was struck with the amazing job she is doing of fighting her disease. Her outlook should be text booked. Such calmness, wiseness, fighting spirit and lack of self pity should be applauded.

The second being a mutual friend of Julie’s and mine who has realised her dream of singing for a living, albeit part time. ‘’Mon reve’’ as she is known sings fortnightly at 9.30pm in Sumner where she resides. Mon reve means my everlasting dream in French and she is living it. As a closet karaoke queen who has spent a lot of time out of the cupboard I admire her chutzpah.

The final, a woman called Victoria who is the wife of an old colleague of mine who I caught up with at a party last night. She was looking fresh, vibrant and energised. Ten years younger than when I saw her last. She shared her secret.....she has started up her own legal firm, with a twist called “Legal Options’’ where she and another lawyer charge by the hour for advice of what to do and where to go next. She loves it while juggling a husband in PR and 3 children aged 2 – 13 and looking about 30 to boot.

Great girls doing great things....

Monday, February 22, 2010

The big race...

I am back in the land of the Kettle Fries and it is a great place to be...munching as we speak!

Game over.....race done...bad habits back in place.

The big weekend in Methven didn't go off! Having said that; was fifth over the line, second in category ensuring a podium finish, did eat breakfast with Robin Malcolm from Outrageous Fortune and did stay in a five star B and B. I guess I was expecting a lot of mayhem; 800 rowdy women cougaring virile young urban lads, carnage on the streets and all that other good clean fun stuff.

I think I am getting old....girls weekends seem so sensible now, good footwear, classy accommodation, excellent wine, all food groups on the pyramid covered. Where are the hangovers, self revulsion and the nagging anxious guilt gone?

Back to the race....lined up at the start line up front, would have slept there overnight if allowed. Watched my heart monitor rise and fall as we waited for the big go...registered riders A - D took off with one to two minute intervals then we randoms were let off in waves of 50. Being up front in the first 50 ensured I didn't have to weave through lesser mortals. The adrenalin was doing its job as I kept in the top 20 from go...the other girls up there were very quiet...surreptiously sussing each other out and making lots of mental notes.

About half way round the leader led us up the garden path as we all viaed off the actual route alerted (five minutes too late) by the dickhead spectators watching us go the wrong way. With the reaction speed of a navy seal I instantly turned around and biked like a demon to catch the now new front team of the peloton. Back in line in the top 20, heart back to pace we meandered along and came across the D, C and B grade riders and engulfed them in our giant vortex. With new experienced and wily leaders we carried on at a very doable speed no one prepared to waste themselves and all doing their bit to rotate.

My trusty sidekick soon to be asskicker Emma shadowed me relentlessly, watching my seasoned ass keeping its place in the top 20 as instructed by superguru Neinka the night before. My speedo showed me all manner of details as I pressed indiscrimately at the buttons, none of which I could use to my advantage to the race. Wouldn't show me the distance travelled so I had no idea how far I had to go. I started to tire of all the go slow tactics and the lack of hills meant there was no breaking of the large group. With about five k's to go the atmosphere grew tense with the impending attacks imminent. An over aggressive jostling ended in a loud and ominous crash just behind me. I didn't recognise the agonising cry as Emma's and pushed on shakily. After adjusting my hyperventilation and justifying not stopping to myself, I powered on to finish the job.

The finish line was soon upon us without the helpful assistance of sign saying so. As Neinka's arse lifted for a sprint finish, I followed suit and hung onto her for grim death rising in euphoria over the finish mat then realising it wasn't the finish mat, only the first of two pads. DoH! Two passed me to get over the second pad. Big lesson. Keep riding till there is noone around you. Officially fifth over, unofficially 3rd over. I was thrilled to be in the top ten and in one piece with no flat tyres.

The race crash I heard and the two others I heard about marred an otherwise fabulous experience for me. Following a lead car with the leading ladies made me feel like a real biker not just a pretend one. Having said that, it is not a place I want to continue to reside in. The 'hard cores' can have it. I'm all about the social, camaraderie of riding and drinking in the atmosphere as opposed to grinding everyone else out regime. The podium finish was also another project I have wanted to experience and now have so no need to do again.

Onto my second bowl of kettles now.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One week to go...

The big bike race I have given up my two loves for is one week away. I am slowly weaning my way back into alcohol and trying my liver on the odd glass or two but am vehemently staying a good arms length from the hallowed Copper Kettle Fry. I almost broke last night and again this morning.

Have tried SPIN for the first time this week at a local gym.....which has made my previous bikram yoga month membership look more like a donation. The SPIN experience was fascinating. My usual hand/eye fine motor skills skills, almost had me flipped clean off the machine with the mind of its own. Without the ability to free wheel there was no time for pausing and if you happened to like to try that you were smartly brought back into cadence by your trapped shoes in their cages.

The room was bizarre, the lighting low and sometimes blue illuminating anything white into a garish sheen. The walls harboured a busy city nightlife scene condusive to manic cycling into space. After a series of up down, spin then slow motions we were told to disembark then cycling and yoga merged into one discipline. I have a theory about the the niche market is mostly 35yrs plus woman they have the lighting dimmed with no mirrors. If the attendees bore witness to their actual reflection in the bright harsh light of day, they would not return. Best to keep them in fantasyland.

All that exercise gives you a wicked for all your herbivoric requirements..log on to here and enjoy FREE vege in your local area....spread the love and the vege. A great idea that smacks of community...I love it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Grindstone...

Being a martyr is rather taxing.....

I decided I needed a coffee to prepare myself for a full day at Bellamy and East Springmakers as the stand in receptionist as she is on holiday again after 4 weeks holiday and as the Manager slash Owner as he is boy bonding on a boat.

After receiving my two coffees (one for him too) I ran headlong out of the shop straight into some unsuspecting pedestrian. The coffees got a good shake up with some foam being deposited cutely on the not so cute pedestrian's nose. Gathering my caffeine milkshakes and adrenalin filled veins I ran chortling to the car and headed off to Falsgrave Street.

On arrival upon juggling my lunch, bag, his lunch, coffees, dog, dog blanket and newspaper I spilled the coffees again! Needless to say the four dollar mouthful of caffeine did not hit the spot...will have to sneak out for another later on in a veiled attempt at collecting the mail.

Am seated looking officious but actually catching up on personal admin answering phones and diverting responsibility all over the place. Will gather up my clipboard and march around the factory periodically looking managerial..

Anthony is reaping yet another bonus of my sebattical......

Monday, February 1, 2010


In a bid to achieve preset goals of retirement I have begun to timetable my week. Thus far it is working with a little swapping on events to coincide with mood swings.

Monday begins with my mother being allocated a spot to ensure I remember to see her. Housework, baking and groceries also take priority along with the newest fetish, Bikram Yoga. Very busy organising day.

Tuesday I get to enjoy the clean house (or whats left of it) beginning the day with a manic cycle with steamtrain husband out to Sumner and back at 6am. Then I get to read the paper and do the crossword once he leaves. Study time i.e. surfing the net for what interests me follows as well as my blog. Chinese supermarket and Theo's fish supply has to work in too. My new position as Marketing Manager for Bellamy and East is the real work for the afternoon if I can manage to stay awake for it.

Wednesday is big bike ride day broken up with "study at home" then compulsory weekly catchup and library if there is time.

Thursday another early morning cycle, then yoga then an arvo of "Marketing" again, if I can salvage the energy. Will keep up the coffees.

Fridays starts with a 7am meeting date with "the husband" at a local breakfast cafe, then a jaunt on the beach for quality time with the dog. Then because it is Friday, a bit of timetabled Mary time to do whatever the hell I please...