Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspiring Women...

After a week of revelling in the win from the race, I rejoin the real world and am left wondering what to do next now that the previous six week goal has been achieved. Loathed to enter more cycling races I am forced to look at my actual life. See sawing between congratulating myself on my achievements of the past six months and chastising myself for my lack of direction and inability to decipher my point on this earth, I am left in a dazed state.

My answer is to look and listen, play guitar, go to the beach, eat kettles and drink more wine. AKA procrastination.

In line with my aforementioned philosophy of looking and listening, I have been truly inspired by three women this week.

The first being my beautifully bald headed girlfriend Julie. Whilst chatting with her yesterday I was struck with the amazing job she is doing of fighting her disease. Her outlook should be text booked. Such calmness, wiseness, fighting spirit and lack of self pity should be applauded.

The second being a mutual friend of Julie’s and mine who has realised her dream of singing for a living, albeit part time. ‘’Mon reve’’ as she is known sings fortnightly at 9.30pm in Sumner where she resides. Mon reve means my everlasting dream in French and she is living it. As a closet karaoke queen who has spent a lot of time out of the cupboard I admire her chutzpah.

The final, a woman called Victoria who is the wife of an old colleague of mine who I caught up with at a party last night. She was looking fresh, vibrant and energised. Ten years younger than when I saw her last. She shared her secret.....she has started up her own legal firm, with a twist called “Legal Options’’ where she and another lawyer charge by the hour for advice of what to do and where to go next. She loves it while juggling a husband in PR and 3 children aged 2 – 13 and looking about 30 to boot.

Great girls doing great things....

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