Thursday, February 11, 2010

One week to go...

The big bike race I have given up my two loves for is one week away. I am slowly weaning my way back into alcohol and trying my liver on the odd glass or two but am vehemently staying a good arms length from the hallowed Copper Kettle Fry. I almost broke last night and again this morning.

Have tried SPIN for the first time this week at a local gym.....which has made my previous bikram yoga month membership look more like a donation. The SPIN experience was fascinating. My usual hand/eye fine motor skills skills, almost had me flipped clean off the machine with the mind of its own. Without the ability to free wheel there was no time for pausing and if you happened to like to try that you were smartly brought back into cadence by your trapped shoes in their cages.

The room was bizarre, the lighting low and sometimes blue illuminating anything white into a garish sheen. The walls harboured a busy city nightlife scene condusive to manic cycling into space. After a series of up down, spin then slow motions we were told to disembark then cycling and yoga merged into one discipline. I have a theory about the the niche market is mostly 35yrs plus woman they have the lighting dimmed with no mirrors. If the attendees bore witness to their actual reflection in the bright harsh light of day, they would not return. Best to keep them in fantasyland.

All that exercise gives you a wicked for all your herbivoric requirements..log on to here and enjoy FREE vege in your local area....spread the love and the vege. A great idea that smacks of community...I love it.

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