Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Grindstone...

Being a martyr is rather taxing.....

I decided I needed a coffee to prepare myself for a full day at Bellamy and East Springmakers as the stand in receptionist as she is on holiday again after 4 weeks holiday and as the Manager slash Owner as he is boy bonding on a boat.

After receiving my two coffees (one for him too) I ran headlong out of the shop straight into some unsuspecting pedestrian. The coffees got a good shake up with some foam being deposited cutely on the not so cute pedestrian's nose. Gathering my caffeine milkshakes and adrenalin filled veins I ran chortling to the car and headed off to Falsgrave Street.

On arrival upon juggling my lunch, bag, his lunch, coffees, dog, dog blanket and newspaper I spilled the coffees again! Needless to say the four dollar mouthful of caffeine did not hit the spot...will have to sneak out for another later on in a veiled attempt at collecting the mail.

Am seated looking officious but actually catching up on personal admin answering phones and diverting responsibility all over the place. Will gather up my clipboard and march around the factory periodically looking managerial..

Anthony is reaping yet another bonus of my sebattical......

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