Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blast from the past..

The aging rockers gathered en masse at Al's Bar on Saturday to pay homage to their aging rocker leaders, The Jordan Luck Band.

A quarter of a century later we slipped straight back to the swaying mass of adoration, older, wiser and drunker. From the outset we were easily pleased. Well oiled by time and liquor before their 10.30pm start we moved straight to rock mode. No warm up necessary and continued to the end of their set. Left arms held erect, finger punching the air and hips girating we used each other as support as the entire crowd moved as one reveling in the new and old songs alike.

After they and we were spent from over exertion they finished and then mingled peacably about in the crowd. I felt it vital to engage him (as I had one new years eve circa 1988)so in my uninhibited state called him over, spoke drivvel then released him.

After the pumpkin hour we decided to return home to our ailing daughter, dehydrating from food poisoning. As always we had to amuse ourselves with the obligatory drive down Manchester St to congratulate ourselves on how our lives were so much better than the poor hookers hooking their trade there.

All in all a great night...

Monday madness...

In my new part time role as Marketing Manager for Bellamy and East Springmakers I magnanimously decided to actually spend some time on location at Falsgrave Street to immerse myself in the position.

Until further notice, I will be holed up at reception, receiving custom whilst drumming up new custom at the main office of Bellamy and East Springmakers of which I am a major stakeholder.

As the real office lady decided she hated Mondays this has worked out well with her having a three day weekend every week and me catching up on office work on Mondays. Win,win!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beware the “users”

Wondering why your broadband is slower than a hillbilly’s brain activity? I have finally tripped across the answer, thanks to my I.T. literate gfriend...who sent me the life saving link;

Beware the Users lurking behind closed doors using up megabytes faster than all the milk and bread in the house. They lay in the comfort of their beds dining out on your allocated 3 gigs (at $39.95/month) downloading sitcoms, amusing Youtube clips, music and anything else that takes their fancy. If that’s not enough to exhaust your bytes, there is the multitude of photos (mostly self takes), urgently uploaded from the weekend that thanks to the digital era is ‘’free’’ to them.

Once all the bytes have been consumed, generally halfway through the month...enter all other fee paying users. AKA you! While you painstakingly try to download your crucial joke email, upload your latest blog or google international accommodation, you are thwarted in your attempts at the dial-up speed you have been relegated to by Telecom, due to overuse.

Once in the know... go straight to . Call your friendly 0800 22 55 98 and someone in India is going to save you lots of money and assist you in allocating blame. Armed with a new username and password you are set to lay down some serious ground rules from the plethora of information gleaned off the website. You will be able to pinpoint actual times and date of the aforementioned infractions.

At varying intevals over the month you and your magical username can check on current usage and thanks to our Indian friend, I am even being emailed warning notes of impending doom.

Forewarned is forearmed...

Printer yarn in 200 words or less....

The HP photosmart C309g printer is just the catalyst I need ......

Imagine being caught in a mid life crises without a printer? It’s not pretty.

I chucked in my job (in a recession with a mortgage) of seventeen years to re-evaluate my career path. It had grown weeds and the pavers were cracking. Six months later, fitter but none the wiser, I am about to embark on a community education course at the university....’Starting to Write.’ Let’s hope they don’t want me to print anything. Perhaps I could just email them.

My last printer was as big as a small fridge and ate toners like candy. With my extra time I decided to try my hand as printer engineer and managed to replace the toner cartridge so expertly, it burst itself, hydrogen bomb-like all over the inside of my printer. Let’s just say that the replacement cost is preferable to repairs.

With knowledge gleaned from a full nine weeks of university instruction, time, the inclination and a HP photosmart C309g printer, I will soon be writing books buried deep within me, desperate to escape the confined space between my ears guaranteeing me a place on the best sellers list!