Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blast from the past..

The aging rockers gathered en masse at Al's Bar on Saturday to pay homage to their aging rocker leaders, The Jordan Luck Band.

A quarter of a century later we slipped straight back to the swaying mass of adoration, older, wiser and drunker. From the outset we were easily pleased. Well oiled by time and liquor before their 10.30pm start we moved straight to rock mode. No warm up necessary and continued to the end of their set. Left arms held erect, finger punching the air and hips girating we used each other as support as the entire crowd moved as one reveling in the new and old songs alike.

After they and we were spent from over exertion they finished and then mingled peacably about in the crowd. I felt it vital to engage him (as I had one new years eve circa 1988)so in my uninhibited state called him over, spoke drivvel then released him.

After the pumpkin hour we decided to return home to our ailing daughter, dehydrating from food poisoning. As always we had to amuse ourselves with the obligatory drive down Manchester St to congratulate ourselves on how our lives were so much better than the poor hookers hooking their trade there.

All in all a great night...

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