Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Printer yarn in 200 words or less....

The HP photosmart C309g printer is just the catalyst I need ......

Imagine being caught in a mid life crises without a printer? It’s not pretty.

I chucked in my job (in a recession with a mortgage) of seventeen years to re-evaluate my career path. It had grown weeds and the pavers were cracking. Six months later, fitter but none the wiser, I am about to embark on a community education course at the university....’Starting to Write.’ Let’s hope they don’t want me to print anything. Perhaps I could just email them.

My last printer was as big as a small fridge and ate toners like candy. With my extra time I decided to try my hand as printer engineer and managed to replace the toner cartridge so expertly, it burst itself, hydrogen bomb-like all over the inside of my printer. Let’s just say that the replacement cost is preferable to repairs.

With knowledge gleaned from a full nine weeks of university instruction, time, the inclination and a HP photosmart C309g printer, I will soon be writing books buried deep within me, desperate to escape the confined space between my ears guaranteeing me a place on the best sellers list!

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