Monday, February 1, 2010


In a bid to achieve preset goals of retirement I have begun to timetable my week. Thus far it is working with a little swapping on events to coincide with mood swings.

Monday begins with my mother being allocated a spot to ensure I remember to see her. Housework, baking and groceries also take priority along with the newest fetish, Bikram Yoga. Very busy organising day.

Tuesday I get to enjoy the clean house (or whats left of it) beginning the day with a manic cycle with steamtrain husband out to Sumner and back at 6am. Then I get to read the paper and do the crossword once he leaves. Study time i.e. surfing the net for what interests me follows as well as my blog. Chinese supermarket and Theo's fish supply has to work in too. My new position as Marketing Manager for Bellamy and East is the real work for the afternoon if I can manage to stay awake for it.

Wednesday is big bike ride day broken up with "study at home" then compulsory weekly catchup and library if there is time.

Thursday another early morning cycle, then yoga then an arvo of "Marketing" again, if I can salvage the energy. Will keep up the coffees.

Fridays starts with a 7am meeting date with "the husband" at a local breakfast cafe, then a jaunt on the beach for quality time with the dog. Then because it is Friday, a bit of timetabled Mary time to do whatever the hell I please...

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