Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Asian Tour 3/9/09

I am sitting looking out into Hong Kong city from its international airport fighting off bouts of diarrhoea which started pre the 12 hr flight. I tried to sleep through the night enjoying the luxuries of premium economy class while constantly being disturbed by stomach cramps whereupon I was forced to clamour over sleeping passengers and gain sanctuary in the airline loo. A full evacuation of the contents of my bowel was effected as well as mini departures. Apart from that the flight was extremely amusing and entertaining thanks to the mirth of our friendly aged steward, Bill. Karen and I watched with our eyes open and closed several movies and dined on three course meals. Alcohol was consumed in pityingly poor quantities after an initial burst at the Koru lounge in Auckland quenched our combined thirsts.

We arrived sated and refreshed in Hong Kong only to be slowly worn down by hours of waiting and walking aimlessly about the confines of the spacious airport. We ate, slept and walked repeatedly for four hours before being allowed to check in.

*(Celeb spotting) Graham Henry did slip me a cheeky wink on the Auckland leg of the journey.

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