Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Ovah!

I have decided that blogs are for the moment not retrospective rantings! i.e. S.E.A. holidays past. So no more!

Anyway, as we speak...I have a man cramped into my manhole....two children in bed, 'he that is king's' lunch waiting to be delivered to his work(to enable his training ride en route to work hampered by ten sandwiches in a large tupperware lunchbox and she will bring it because that is what her life has amounted to). Floors have been sucked and licked, biscuits have been baked, newspaper has been browsed, muesli with strawbs and kiwifruit consumed and procrastinated blog begun...

Great morning.

Oh yeah, man in hole....electrician. After spending up to a year on the ground we are finally mounting and connecting the heat pump. Thank you Mary for staying at home to facilitate this. We shall now be able to utilise the second floor this summer without losing 5 kgs.

Kids in bed - studying....NOT!

What does today behold? Xmas cake, Xmas presents, bills, installation including man with sunshade, Trade Me uploading and current sale, call Mum, buy tuner for laptop so I can watch tv on it (Breakfast show in the morning), arrange Friday night GGG (Glamour Girls Gig.

Have procrastinated (a common theme) on Xmas cake. As a virgin baker of aforementioned festive delicacy am taking my time and savouring the experience. Purchased ingredients a week and a half recipe off sister in law....moved recipe to kitchen area...moved it again to read while eating breakfast....hoovered....mopped....hung out washing...forgot about recipe....blogged...

Ah well, must go and check my multitude of lists to remind me about what I am supposed to be doing...

Am thinking of consulting a life coach..

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