Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Who would know that something so comfy and aesthetically pleasing could cause so much anxiety?

I am again in the throes of trying to choose new cushions for my couches. Now two couches to cushion as the first set on the first couch were never right (hundreds of dollars in and hours and in the purchasing)and need to be replaced again as well as the new couch upstairs where I can start afresh.

So many options and all so wrong. How hard can it be? They look good in the shops. You rush them home, place them at the right angle and step back for a panoramic view and.......ugh.....all wrong! Defeated you return them and try a new set, again....all wrong.

Like shoes they have to be just right, give you that little thrill when you glance at them, work well with surrounding furniture, pick up the colour accent in the room, be able to be nestled just so under the chin for perfect reclining, have the ability to take a little dribble without staining and last but not least, robustibility to withstand the odd stomping on.

Cushion pride is not yet mine.....

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