Sunday, August 8, 2010

food...what else

Have just consumed my second vegetarian lunch from Vivace Cafe in Tuam Street. It is my designated coffee shop whilst working in the sweat/spring shop.

Have dutifully made 'him indoors' lunch which comprised of three day old Molenburg sandwich bread found in the pantry on Monday morning, slathered with cream corn remnants (found in fridge - age unknown) topped with a generous slice of Edam cheese then toasted in the factory sandwich machine (dodgy but effective).

Back to my carefully procured mid day snack....the aforementioned vego delight consisted of roasted vegetables; kumara, red pepper, broccoli, red onion, red cabbage and feta cheese all jam packed into a brown bread, multi grained roll emblazoned with a collection of seeds then toasted. Result: loud mmmm-ing noises.

Was compelled to find website and comment positively on my ingestion to it's creators.

Liked it so much, I went back for me the next day....


  1. That sandwhich sound pretty perfect Mary. Making the fish pie from Waihi cookbook tonight, wholesome and comfort food for such a night.

  2. Nothing but the best for my man....