Wednesday, July 20, 2011

excerpt from my old company newsletter written 2 yrs ago...still love it!

Word Builder ameliorate: To make or become better; improve.

Quote of the Month.."Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone." The Dhammapada

Good Game ..learn to snowboard

...fancy a bit of self chiropractic work? Snowboarding is just the thing. 'They' say it takes three days to master. That is all the bashing your body can handle; bruised buttocks, whiplashed neck, jarred vertebrae, forearms and shoulders and general malaise is the threshold you must break through to pass to the hallowed easy riding side. It is worth it. Gliding, teen-like down the pristine white mountain in oversized clothing is a high worth reaching.

Good idea .. retire at age 43.

Want to find yourself, or work out what you want to be when you grow up? Then retire and give yourself that much needed head space to work it out. Don't be put off by the harsh economic times and recessive economy, Lean on your partner for a bit. This is the first day of the beginning of your life. Tried and recommended!

Good Watch ..Bruno (2009)

If Borat was too much for you, then do not go see his alter Austrian ego, Bruno. Even more outrageous...He is gayer, more in your face, (literally) and unearthing further everyday atrocities that middle America call normal. If you think he is tasteless and crass, he is nothing compared to the everyday Americans he 'outs' in his risqué vinyl trunks. More nudity and gaiety than is necessarily politically correct it is still chuckle worthy whilst shockingly repugnant.

Tips on ...........customising your mid life crisis

Top Ten Options:

Change jobs/partners/sexual preference
Get a boob job.
Buy a Harley and a matching fringed leather jacket
Build or buy a 'muscle' car.
Go on an O.E.
Grow your hair (if you can) (if you can't buy extensions)
Get a toy boy or girl.
Go on a diet.
Run a marathon.
Get a tattoo or several.

*I have tried and tested a few but thankfully have some left to play with.....

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