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People are often intrigued by my calorific intake...phrases like "Barry the worm' are uttered in polite conversation. To dispel the myth of Barry and to shed some light on the mystery of eating, I am sharing my philosophy on food...


  • prepare food ahead
  • eat often - 6 times a day
  • eat whole foods
  • pay the expensive pricetag for what goes into your body
  • Treat yourself (in moderation with healthy treats- see below)
  • regular exercise - even walk/run streak under 10 mins a day, 10 pressups/day,  anything to get your head in the game.
  • read a book/mag for 10 mins/day to meditate/calm down
  • buy quality ingredients


  • don’t starve yourself
  • don’t eat processed foods (hidden sugar content makes you fat)
  • don’t eat processed sauces/dressings/yoghurts/mueslis
  • don’t buy low fat anything (they replace it with sugar that turns into fat)
  • don’t weigh yourself


*A large stainless steel bowl to mix your salads, a lemon juicer, a lunchbox, a smoothie cup, a mini frypan with glass lid.


  • Peta Mathias extra virgin olive oil (don’t buy other oils - bad for you) 
  • lemons
  • Delish primal breakfast (no other flavour or brand - about $17 but worth it)
  • Plain yoghurt
  • Delmaine Pesto - others have bad oils in them
  • Henderson’s Streaky Bacon (no added baddies)
  • (Organic) potatoes, pumpkin, kumara
  • onions, garlic, ginger
  • rice
  • rice vermicelli, soba noodles (GF)
  • feta cheese, wedge of parmesan
  • steak (can cook in a small frypan with a lid on in 4 mins)
  • salmon (can cook in a small frypan with a lid on in 4 mins)
  • chicken (skinless) (can cook in a small frypan with a lid on in 4 mins)
  • tray of free range eggs
  • butter/full cream milk
  • oranges (try to buy organic), kiwifruit, bananas
  • honey
  • peanut butter (Pics peanut butter - only nuts, no added sugars etc)
  • raw almonds, walnuts, peanuts
  • kale, spinach, celery, carrots, broccoli


 When you get a craving...have a small portion.

Mary VT’s Seed Bar Recipe

¼ C sesame seeds
¾ C pumpkin seed
¾ C sunflower seeds
½ C dried fruit
1 C  peanuts
½ C coconut thread
½ C rolled oats
Cook peanuts in pan for 5 minutes.
Add seeds, coconut, sesame seeds and rolled oats and brown a little. Then dried fruit.
Cook until golden brown.
Boil in another pan for 8 minutes:
100gm butter
¼ C honey
½ C brown sugar

Mix altogether and press into slice tray.  Cut before too solid so as not to snap.


1. Mix olive oil and lemon juice and salt and pepper as your dressing
2. Add olive oil to pesto to dilute and call it a dressing
3. sesame oil, grated ginger, soy sauce, more olive oil to dilute


Roasted vege, spinach, feta and walnut salad

  • Cut your veges (beetroot, pumpkin, kumara, or potatoes) into 1 cm cubes and pan fry till golden brown and soft in frypan with olive oil and salt. (Add chopped bacon to pan you like)
  • Add chopped spinach and sprinkle with feta and walnuts or (pan fried almonds in olive oil and salt)
  • use dressing number 2 if you feel like it.

Salmon on soba or rice vermicelli 

  • Boil noodles for 2 mins and drain (add broccoli florets to water with noodles)
  • Fry salmon in covered mini frypan till cooked (about 3 mins).
  • Add dressing number 3.
  • combine all in large stainless bowl and mix gently. Add to lunchbox or plate. Sprinkle with chopped almonds. (Microwave almonds with a drizzle of sesame oil and salt for 1 min)

Beef or chicken fried rice/noodle salad

  • Fry steak (or chicken) in butter in covered mini frypan till cooked (about 3 mins).
  • Fry onion, finely chopped broccoli, chopped chilli, in pan for 2 mins. Throw in frozen peas
  • Add cooked rice or cooked noodles
  • combine all in large stainless bowl and mix gently. Add to lunchbox or plate. Sprinkle with chopped almonds. (Microwave almonds with a drizzle of sesame oil and salt for 1 min)
  • slice beef and add on top
  • also can fry 2 egg omelette and slice and add on top.

Quick Chicken &  Corn noodle Soup

  • Fry some chopped onion (garlic and ginger too if you want) in a pot for 2 mins.
  • Add chopped chicken slices or cooked shredded chicken 
  • Add chicken stock and a handful of chopped spaghetti noodles 3 cm long bits.
  • Add frozen corn
  • Drizzle a beaten egg slowly from about 30 cm above the soup
  • Pour into an airtight, microwavable bowl or into a soup bowl and eat.


Kale Chips (Crunchy and delicious - like Kettles but healthy)

  • use curly kale and wash and cut into 5cm bits (cut out stalk)
  • dry in a teatowel
  • put into large stainless bowl with sea salt and olive oil and massage together
  • cook on greaseproof paper in a single layer at 175 degrees for 10 mins till golden brown
  • Consume at will.


  • Add all (in this order) to a blender and blend till smooth
  • frozen berries and banana (frozen if possible) chopped kale leaves or spinach, chopped kiwifruit, dob of yoghurt, chilled water (enough to blend), drizzle of honey

Fruit Muesli

  • Use Pure Delish Primal muesli
  • add chopped kiwifruit and banana
  • combine with natural yoghurt
  • drizzle with honey if desired

Breakfast Omelette

  • beat 2 eggs and 1 egg white
  • fry in mini frypan in a little melted butter and flip when cooked 
  • If you want more of a meal; 
add cooked potato (can cube it and cook in microwave first) 
and grated parmesan on top 
add smoked salmon crumbled on top
add cooked spinach - wilt in pan with a dash of olive oil

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