Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cafe Chic - pronounced Chick

My brief but fulfilling career as a waitress is over. I am pleased to report that nine days of subservience did me no harm. Serving whilst was pleasant enough is not actually my calling.

I have a new found respect for wait staff and the work they do. It is not easy juggling large angry mobs and even angrier ones in the kitchen.

The Green Room was my cafe of choice where I pretended to a large and loyal group of industrial area workers that I actually knew what I was doing. The beaded sweat and blank stare may have been a giveaway to the contrary.

My loyal and adept barista collaborator Maddie, taught me the ways of the youth and how to remain calm under attack. She handled the regulars with ease, whilst knocking out hot drinks at will and only dousing me with hot chocolate chocolate once! It was from behind and cold at the time and she did try to (unsuccessfully) remove it from my person which only made it look more menacing.

The kitchen staff/owners were so hospitable...until they got to know me....then all bets were off. We were on swearing terms by day four. As long as they had their cabinet full and their catering delivered they were other times when you may have mistakenly written an order wrong or forgotten one, they began baring their teeth and snarling with unusual amounts of saliva visible. That's not hygienic!

Having tested the waters of hospitality I can now tick that off the big lists of
"haven't done that" and move on to one of the many other options on the list. Am trying springmaking in early January for a week.

This work experience thing is working for me.....

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