Friday, December 4, 2009

Officially Old!

I am now the proud owner of an 18 yr old daughter! Jesus H old does that make me? Freakin ancient....if you believe their press. Of which of course I don't and to prove just that have taken up residence in a local cafe pretending to be a barista/front of cafe staff. I have the offical low slung black apron to prove it. Mentally tallying up coffees, muffins and chicken wraps in quick succession to ten plus long queues whilst simultaneously smiling sweetly and running my fingers fluently over the abacus beads.

Working a job, especially one you have no training in just two weeks before Christmas is not an experience I would recommend for the faint hearted. Adrenalin has been called upon in copious quantiites repeatedly throughout the day. Christmas tasks dreamily anticipated have taken on a frenzied fervour. A Christmas cake making expedition turned into a pressurized taunting task as dollars worth of pre soaked and chopped fruit lay about my pantry begging for four hours of baking. After a marathon effort of evenly distributing copious amounts of toxic fruit into baking trays and then pushed into a slow oven, whatever the hell that is....obviously not fast and not so obviously 150 degrees as I thought but maybe slower than that. Anyway, the festive treat maybe a little smoky in flavour and a little quicker in its step. Bah humbug.

That topped with a celebration of the eighteen years sinced the famed pushing of the first offspring via the birth canal at a rapid pace of knots made for a busy week. An obligatory sharing of raw meat on an outdoor burning instrument amid the clanging of a number of alcoholic beverages saw that celebration celebrated.

Second offspring calling now for me to attend to one of its every need so must away. In the meantime......If you are interested....
check this out... Awesome photo murals for your kids bedrooms etc.

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