Friday, August 7, 2009

Game over...where to from here...this one is for you said (from the bar at No. 4) go home and write up here goes...

Parting gestures....when you don't one turns up...or if they do...they consider it part of their working day....the real friends do..and those married to you...god bless.

All dressed up....nowhere to go..

Onwards and upwards...I shouldn't be blogging but I am because I don't often do what I should be doing.

After I get over my leaving...swinging between wanting to feel bereft but not and wanting to feel euphoric and not...I will have to settle on indifference. Not a feel we "Creamies"(stuck in the middle) like to feel but are prone to.

Must go to to get up for man ride at 7am, porridge, lycra up then departure 8am..short bays 45km mmmmmmmmmm. ya ya!


1 comment:

  1. Haha, you are surprisingly adept at writing while under the influence. Either that or my reading skills are not so adept in a similar state.

    I appreciate the hastiness to take me up on my suggestion to blog the night, and the personal mention of course.