Sunday, August 16, 2009


Think I have PMT which is good.....means i will get that nasty business over b4 upcoming Sth E Asian trip..... eating all forbidden fruits in one day....(kettles/fried bread/crunchie bar)...still unsated....openly questioned younger offspring if it was unnatural and wrong to want to strike her in the head for mildly annoying me....lost the will to use Shift key/punctuation and put together any kind of aesthetically pleasing look, didnt admit to older offspring that i wanted to harm her too for thinking that we were responsible for her insurance ad infinitum...another $196 i see no benefit from as it is third party cover and all she keeps doing is wrecking her own car! Another spin in the rain into a flax bush yesterday resulting in insanely run mascara and dishevelling of the mobile trash unit.

Returned overdue DVDs to library, succumbed to the couch with the children and witnessed another teen tripey movie with them, performed circuits around the city in search of food in between netball drop off and pick up...such is the life of the supermom!

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