Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Book has Begun...

My quest for super stardom, mega wealthiness and fame has begun…. I have commenced my life as a whimsical authoress, having committed pen to paper and fingers to keyboard. Research and development has been completed although training has been thwarted by numerous rogue viruses and earth shattering quakes. Unable to wait the six months for my community course to restart I have decided to make like Nike and “Just Do It”.

So on Friday last week I sat down and began writing……..about Toby the Dog’s Adventures; Book one in a series of ten, Toby Goes Cycling.

As I require full concentration and an empty house, I have to grab whatever window of opportunity I can get. Having gone for a bike ride in the morning I returned, removed sweaty lycra and replaced it with the nearest garment to ‘cover my shame.’ It happened to be a nighty.

Unwilling to waste quietude by showering and dressing so accordingly attired in a black slip, I sat down to begin.

What now? I felt like Rod Stewart; ‘the first cut is the deepest’…. The first line came to me, after squirreling about in previous notes from previous writing courses.

Two hours later and about 65% completed on my first cut of the first child’s story I quit while I was ahead until my next window of opportunity presented itself…..

Such is the life of the creative!

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