Sunday, March 20, 2011

New worries...

Cruising the Med seemed like a great idea pre Xmas 2010….

Since then we have experienced and are running from a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that has levelled our garden city, witnessed tsunami devastation unheard of in 140yrs in Japan with unspeakable loss of life and to top it off America has decided to forcibly stop Gadaffi in his tracks with air strikes and submarine attacks across the Mediterranean Sea floor.

Libya is perilously close (1300kms) as in directly across the sea floor from the Greek Islands cruise my mother, her friend and me are about to embark on in three weeks to celebrate my mum’s 70 years. A specialist in current events, paranoia and a first timer to Europe, none of the above facts will have escaped her attention.

I have taken her directly out of the fry pan and delivered her into the fire; gunfire. At the mercy of marauding pirates, fanatical Middle Eastern fascists, Yankee do-gooders and more than likely global warming, I am unsure what to pack. Full camo gear, personal weaponry and fake passports sound like a good idea.

The Love Boat could soon morph into the Hate boat if any of the above materialise.

Pre holiday jitters have well and truly set in with a vengeance….

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