Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why I go to work…

The reason I go to work is to save money. Whilst at work I can Google household problems like, “why does my washing machine flash F18 error” and find the correct answer describing it as a drainage problem and how to fix it. As well as saving time and money, I didn’t have to: A. hunt out the warranty and instruction book which has probably be tossed out long ago or B. get back the infuriating repairman who’s inane chatter threatened to render me in need of psychiatric treatment (not a cheap option I imagine).

This option also leaves me free to roam the city as opposed to stapled to the address laying in wait for the promised arrival of the aforementioned tradesman.

I am euphoric at the thought of DIY tradesmanning which teamed with the school of Girls Can Do Anything thought has my chest at full expansion with pride.

Also, in another bid to strengthen the family coffers, I have unselfishly replaced the broken salt and pepper grinders that seem to last as long as the corns and rocks inside them, on the Flybuys site redeeming points willy nilly.

Finally, a well instructed email on how to cook “Chinese Style Veges” was sent to ‘second in line to the throne’ by email and text in order to have a meal at the ready on my return from a hard days work.

A few job sheets, deliveries and the odd answering of a phone call took place too.

Production is at an all time high….

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  1. good on you M xx
    had similar w/m scenario... three visits from repairman... equaling cost of new machine... hopefully insurance agrees with his diagnosis of fusion or something and all will be less out of pocket.

    I need a job.