Monday, January 11, 2010

Happppppy New Year! 2010!!

Wow 2010....sounds like something out of space odyssey.

Great holiday; over it and moved on already but will need to comment on it. Te Rua bay in the Marlborough sounds for about the 7th year running. Two weeks of wind down and winding up depending on the mood. We came, we ate, we drank, we skiied, we ran through gorse, repeatedly, then we left. The "we" changed periodically with a variety of catch ups from the old to the young.

Back to the present where I love to inhabit. In a bid to broaden my skills base, I am taking on the mantle of "secretary cum springmaker cum cleaner cum everything" and doing an outstanding job of it.....not! 'Him Indoors' can't understand why I am so useless here as opposed to so useful at home. I blame the training or the lack of it. Outbreaks of harsh words have been spoken like when he didn't like the roll I bought him for lunch ($7.00!!) because "it has too much sauce" (said in a cry baby voice) in frickin hoo! and when he told me the cash sale account number was 10003 when it was really 100003 and like I should have known that as I use it as a mantra to get to sleep......Jeeeeeeeez!

Apart from that our temporary joining at the hip is going well, the perks being, I can ask him questions while he is peeing at the urinal and we get to spend soooooo much time together. He keeps threatening to sack me...fingers crossed!

Got to go nudge the cogs of industry and get 'him' a coffee and collect the mail...

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