Wednesday, January 13, 2010

House Shift....

As it is customary to consider a lifestyle change every year, I am currently considering a swap of homes from Riccarton to one out and rent the other! Genius! "Test the waters" so to speak, keep another real estate poor, become a tenant and screw a landlord. The benefits are numerous. Having found an ideal swap in Redcliffs, I am now negotiating for Toby to come with us. (NO pets). Paws crossed!

Anthony's patience with me at the helm of administration at Bellamy and East has become like my stature....short! It seems a great game to "kill the messenger" as he scowls at me for the hundredth time for bringing him the devil customer. It is lucky my shoulders are broad and my skin, thick and leathery.

'The weather outside is frightful' which makes my time stapled to industry all the more workable. Lunches and dinners out with no exercise will mean an extra layer conveniently acquired for the near freezing conditions.

Life is still sweeeeeeet.

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