Thursday, January 14, 2010


The last day at the helm of industry was kicked off with an prepatory breakfast at Joe's garage which consequently made us 6 minutes late for work, thanks to a serendipidous meeting with Aunty Ju. Eggs, coffees and banter was an outstanding start to the day.

Back in the hot seat for the last time and after 1hour 40 minutes of catching up, (setting up and paying due GST payments on line, deciphering yellow post its, answering multiple phone calls) I can finally take a breather i.e. get onto personal stuff.

A medicinal sports massage is booked for my lunch break to 'straighten' me out ready for a big week on the bike next week. Looking forward to winding back into it ready for Feb 20 when I have booked for the first "Girls on Bikes" event in Methven. Have decided to cut out ALL alcolhol and Kettle Fries till then....uge ask!

But that's another story...

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