Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do it till you get caught....ooops!

Do it till you get caught is a great philosophy of which I have tried to live my life by.....the doing it part has been fun, the getting caught, not so.

My admirable adage that has taken me places in the past finally tripped me up in the weekend.

I foolishly believed as promised that there would be plenty of food at the Joe Cocker concert in the picturesque Mudhouse winery and to not bother packing a hamper. I threw in a bag of Copper Kettle Fries for good measure. I did manage to find some wine and consume it and a couple of handfuls of the aforementioned crisps as well as half a steak sandwich.

High on Savignon and the atmosphere I decided to venture closer to the stage to witness first hand the aging rocker. After performing several party tricks of slipping between the railings I forged on towards the stage, lured on by the melodious crooning like a sailor to the Sirens.

Before I knew it, the long arm of Security had me in it's evil grip escorting me out through the in door and depositing me unceremoniously in the car park. "Removed due to intoxication!"

I stood there incredulously, pondering my next move. What do I do now? So I made a drunken phone call. That's what everyone does in the movies, protesting my innocence to my unsuspecting friend who tried to calm me from afar.

Meanwhile, the group of ten I arrived with were no doubt equally gobsmacked. Two of whom were stone cold sober (a very attractive option about now)but similarly dazed. I was blessed with above average intelligence company this evening; the one I had married 22 yrs ago accompanied by a quick thinking man adept at trivia. They wandered out to the perimeter armed with another ticket (we managed to have spare) and the advice to "lose the jacket, they are looking for a lady in a long black jacket..."

Keen to be reunited with the herd, I tossed the jacket off (whereabouts still unknown) and joined them in a re-entry to the concert post WW2 veterans would be proud of.

Our covert operation a success, I blended back into oblivion.....

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