Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Nude Rear 2011...

All Virgos love a clean slate. I am born again ready for embellishment. Please refer to my new improved serene photo - pre Transcendental Meditation. More on that later.

Have decided to 1. change my photo 2. link my blog to Face book for ease of use (just need to work out how to do it) 3. Report regularly on new and wonderful websites.

Having completed 1. and 3. I am going to jump straight in.

The first website being:

This site came to my attention through a very close (no names mentioned here) friend who unfortunately never had the information. If I can save just one other of the humiliation faced on board a pleasure craft (or anywhere) where she was at the mercy of her colon in front of what may or may not have been a future daughter in law, then my work will be done.

If you scroll down to the wondrous invention of the hallowed "Bio Toi" you too will be able to order some. This will enable you to excrete freely, capture unmentionables in tasteful fully biodegradable bag which can float proudly on the sea's glistening surface alongside blissfully ignorant snorkelers. As not to foul the ocean or trap albatrosses, it will eventually break down long after your vessel has departed leaving you relieved, complete with your pride in place.

On a serious note, this is an excellent website that we owe it to ourselves to purchase from if we give an iota about this planet! Support Kiwis, support green.

Another community service completed. I am sure I will get a mention in the new years list for this one next time.

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