Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hell Week...

Productivity is at an all time low at this time of year.....with all the winding down for Christmas and the required winding back up again after a relaxing/exhausting holiday break, it is a wonder anything gets achieved at the workplace. Ant and I have been valiantly holding the fort while the 8 strong staff wallow about on annual leave for a further week in a bid to reduce their rising leave allocation.

Customers lay ed in wait for our triumphant return after two weeks of carefree, clock less schedules, ruthlessly stripping us of our previous joi de vivre. My fingertips have infected with dermatitis from the red hot ringing phone.

Day 4 at the coalface has left me shaken but not stirred. I have had one run this week (snail's pace 4km), poor nutrition, less than standard attirement and dodgy bowel motions. In this time I have managed to see three friends and snatch around 4-7 hrs average per night of sleep. Mothering (taxi driving at ungodly hours, cleaning, washing, gardening, walking the dog) continues to sap any residual strength.

The couch beckons, taunting me with is vacancy as I bid it a solemn farewell again and am thrusted head first into the depths of the industrial zone....

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