Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movie review...

Due to my recent sojourn from wifely duties IE cooking cleaning and cavorting, I had the time to pursue other activities....back to back movie watching of my choice. The laptop and the earphones got a hammering laying leisurely on the vacant patch of bed alongside the dog in his temporarily upgraded position, the spreadeagled newspaper with lights blazing to all hours of the night. All men should be encouraged to go on fishing weeks!

My pick of the four movies was called My Name is Khan and was a mixture of English subtitles and speaking. A racially/religiously aware feel good movie not unlike an Indian version of Forest Gump. Khan, the protagonist has Aspergers Syndrome and endears all who meet him as he navigates the perilous journey that is his life. Hampered by misunderstanding and quirky OCD's his life is a difficult but happy one. He has the all encompassing love of his mother and then of a wife as well as an intelligent and understanding sister in law. His only brother battles with jealously and embarrassment and takes time to become the brother Khan needs.

Life takes a 240% turn after September 11, 2001. After this incredible random act of insanity, all Muslims get tarred with the same brush. Khan is a Muslim, his wife and child Hindu. Their business fails and they are targeted for persecution. Hideous acts ensue. Khan reacts the only way he knows how.

Spirited and moving, an empathetic view of life and community and where we all fit in to it.

Available at Fendalton library for $1/week. Get a glimpse of the trailer at: and become an informed and interested citizen.

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