Friday, February 18, 2011

We Love Wendyl

This woman espouses words of wisdom....

Anyone who suggests we rush off to our personal "bolthole" albeit a scanky old caravan for a personal retreat deserves our respect and patronage.

It must have been a sign....her name...her parents had big dreams for this girl adding a trendy extra consonant onto the end of her name. No ordinary everyday Wendy, right hand woman of the man who never ages, but Wendyl. What is that all about? The pressure of having to live up to that 'l'.

She did her parents, herself and her name proud, reaching dizzying heights, dining at the corporate table of domestic national magazines achieving on all levels against men, other woman, and ordinary mortals only to supposedly give it up for the good life.

Giving it all up, supposed success, for what is that? Fame, wealth respect of strangers? Perhaps not. Wendyl with a resounding L ''saw the light" and cut up her corporate credit card, bought a caravan, a coop and matching chickens!

Her adult children, 12 yr old daughter baby granddaughter and adoring husband all benefited from her mid life epiphany.

Now she really has it all, at her pace, in her arena at her call.

Destiny, now or never?

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