Monday, February 21, 2011

Time Saving Tip #3

Don't bother getting out of bed! It will save you having to get back into it!

Yes, you got it. Another mood swing. Energy levels swing wildly this week as my uterus groans and heaves under the weight of egg expulsion and all the extra food required to facilitate this wondrous natural bodily function.

That coupled with full time work due to doubling up of staff annual leave applications has left me with only the vivre from my previous joi de vivre mentality.

Down but not out I pulled my leaden ass from between the blessed sheets at some ungodly hour this morning to jog/run/crawl in a circular motion around Hagley Park in the pouring rain. It was then I decided I needed a companion and 'voila'one appeared. I did a u-turn and accompanied jogger 'x' around one circle then plodded happily off home.

Exercised and exorcised I painted on my happy face, put on my business attire and drove gaily to work ready to recept at the springshop.

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